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Weddings in Greece

Greek Wedding Packages - Weddings in Greece - Santorini - Mykonos - Crete

Imagine standing at the side of a high cliff, the blue water beneath beginning to change colour as the sun sets on the horizon. Imagine yourself and your beloved exchanging vows among family and friends on the side of this cliff. This has to be the most romantic and beautiful setting to start your life together. Then, after a night of festivities, imagine waking to the views of this remarkable island, stepping out to your balcony to take in the scenery, the peace, quiet and sheer magnificence that is Santorini.

Is there any other way to get married?

Weddings packages
Renewal of Vows in Santorini
Catholic Wedding in Santorini
Civil Wedding in Santorini
Civil Wedding in Santorini with spa
Orthodox Wedding in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most captivating places on earth. The deep blue of the sea, the dramatic black cliffs, the winding laneways and the sunsets that are more beautiful than anywhere else on the earth. These are the reasons why Santorini is a very popular place to get married and honeymoon.We can take the worry and problems out of marrying on Santorini. No detail is left to chance as your perfect wedding is arranged to your specifications, whether you and your beloved wish to marry in a small, intimate ceremony, to larger events in one of Santorini's Churches with many guests, we can make your dream wedding just that, right down to the last detail.Our friendly staff can arrange all of the details, from the flowers, cake, photographers, celebrants, to more unusual requests, such as providing a donkey on which bride arrives, limousines, musicians, beauticians and hairdressers. It is up to you how much of how little we do to organise this most important day.

Your honeymoon marks the start of your life together. To honour this special time, why not spend the days after the wedding on Santorini soaking up the incredible scenery, relaxing, enjoying the sunshine and all of what this remarkable island has to offer. We can help you to organise your perfect honeymoon in Santorini, we have access to some of the most beautiful and exclusive hotels where privacy and luxury are at a premium. For those wanting to move about while on honeymoon, the options are endless. You can take a cruise, go island hopping, take a yacht around the Aegean, or find a beach and relax. Your wish is our command. We have access to the best of Greece.

So why not start planning your dream wedding now? Listed above are our basic packages and the requirements you need to provide for you to marry in Greece. Please contact us with your enquiry and we will work with you to plan your perfect wedding.


- The couple must spend at least 7 overnights in Greece prior to the civil, orthodox or catholic wedding ceremony date as required by the Greek Law.

- The ceremony of Renewal of Vows and Civil Wedding takes place at Santo Winery area or at the wedding area of Suites and Spa of the Gods in Megalochori area.

- The Orthodox Ceremony can be held at the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, located in the centre of Fira (the island's capital). There are also other Orthodox Churches and chapels located in various picturesque traditional villages around the island, ceremony can take place in those churches and is subject to the Metropolitan office permission.

- The Catholic Ceremony in Santorini is held at the Catholic Cathedrala baroque church with an elegant bell tower. The Cathedral is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and is part of the Catholic Quarter in the centre of Fira.

- All authenticated translated documents to be faxed (at least 60 days prior to the wedding date) to fax number (800) 123-9876 c/o, Kevin M. Devoto. In return we will send you a wedding date confirmation issued by
the Municipality / Priest verifying that all documents are in order.

- Please bring all your original documents with you to Greece.

- The Greek Authorities require that all documents requested (except Divorce decree) must be issued no more that 3 months prior to the wedding date.

- Please note that for the Greek Orthodox wedding, you will need to courier all original documents in English & Greek (after the confirmation from the priest that all documents - already sent by fax - are in order) to our office:.

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