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Vacation in Italy

Italy Vacation Package Tours - Honeymoon Luxury Vacations to Italy from Capri to Naples, Pompei to Rome & Florence, Milan & Venice

Mention Italy to people and their minds start to wander. The history of Rome. The beauty of Florence. The shopping in Milan. The absolute romance of Venice. Italy is the perfect place to vacation and Kevin Devoto Travel is the best company to organise your vacation to this ancient and wondrous last filled with food, history, beauty, excitement and fun.

Imagine yourself eating pizza in a Roman Piazza, wandering the streets of ancient streets of Naples near the ruins of Pompeii. Taking a cruise around the blue waters of Capri or spending time in Florence, pondering the art galleries, eating gelato, or touring the sunflower fields of Tuscany. Italy is a vibrant, colourful country in which to vacation, whether it be the luxury holiday or a lifetime, or holidaying in the places of your dreams.

Whether you are after the perfect Italian Honeymoon Package or an Italian Tour of the major sites, let Kevin Devoto Travel take you to this wonderful country, organising your tours, arranging your hotels, ensuring your transfers are waiting for you and your air and rail tickets are waiting for you.

Please contact us for your vacation or fill out our Customized Trip Questionnaire.

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