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Gay Vacations in Greece

Gay Travel in Greece: Vacations in Greece and the Greek Islands

Greece is the land where the world as we know it began. A land of democracy, freedom, art, philosophy and acceptance. A country of great beauty, found in the land, the sea and in the people.

Greece is the place that taught the world to look for the best in all creation and take joy in celebrating this with abandon. You want a vacation that's in line with this vision, where you can take in the best the world can offer. A holiday where you can relax, indulge and feel every freedom you deserve.

In the spirit of celebration and joy, Kevin Devoto Travel has designed gay packages for the discerning, beauty loving people who live with the passion and discerning values that this country holds fast in it's heart.

Places Visited
Athens - Delos - Mykonos - Santorini
7 nights
Athens - Delos - Mykonos
7 nights
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